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UtilityTech International WLL, specializes in Infrastructure (Utility & Traffic diversion management, Underground utility installation, Utility support & Protection, etc.), Building MEP and Civil works.  With an expertise in design, procurement and construction UTI at the forefront of building some of the most intriguing Utility and Traffic diversion projects in the state of Qatar.

For past  5 years, UTI has been recognized for its attention to detail, skilled workmanship and great customer service. The firm is particularly acclaimed for its high levels of quality control, timeliness and project management. Staffed with more 200 skilled workers, supervisors and site managers; UTI's strength lies in its team of highly-skilled workers. With the qualified, experienced and knowledgeable professionals UTI delivers the exceptional levels of quality. The firm strives to provide a smooth outcome between the aesthetic intent of the design and the budgetary constraints of the client.

UTI ensure best safety practices at all times and is very proud of its safety record to date with no serious accidents to report and its continued efforts to further improve the mind set of all employees in regards to safety.

Mobilizing materials, coordinating engineering modifications, and working with specific guidelines of each authority require skilful handling. Through our team’s past experience and direction, UTI has sharply honed its systems to deliver exceptional levels of service to Qatar’s construction industry.