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Drug & Alcohol Policy

Organization is committed to providing a safe and productive work environment with appropriate safety measures. For health, safety, moral and financial reasons the UTI will enforce this policy.
The Company will take precautions which are reasonably practical and also actions to prevent any substance abuse which increases the potential for accidents , ill health, absenteeism, sub-standard performance or which would otherwise adversely affect its employees or other persons.

This policy shall equally apply to all employees - Management, Administrative,Supervision, Operatives and Sub-contractors.

In the context of this policy the following definitions apply:

  • Substance - Alcohol, Illicit drugs, prescription drugs, over the counter medication, solvents           or any other substance that when used can affect an individual's perception/actions.

  • Abuse - the use of illegal drugs and their misuse, whether deliberate or unintentional, of prescribed drugs (and over the counter medication) and other substances  such as solvents and alcohol.

No employee of the Company shall abuse substances (as defined above), be above alcohol limit, supply others with, or be in possession of any substance (other than prescription drugs and over the counter medication) whilst employed on Company business. Employees taking prescription or over the counter medication, which may affect performance at work, must report to their supervisor.

The Company reserves the right to require all employees to undergo alcohol or drug screening tests and searches. Failure of or refusal to take any such test will render the employee subject to disciplinary action.