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QHSE Policy

We will strive for continual improvement of our Quality Management, Occupational health and Safety Management & Environmental Management programs. QHSE performance will be monitored at all of our operations and facilities to have quality, safe, healthy and pollution free environment in and around our facilities and within our premises at all times and to instill awareness in all our employees and business partners such that our goals of becoming safer, healthier and environmentally responsible to achive.


UTI is committed to provide


  • Quality, safe, healthy & pollution free work environment to all employees working for or on behalf of our organization

  • Ensure prevention of injury and ill health and prevention of pollution and continualimprovement in QHSE management and QHSE performance

  • Prevent hazards related to health and hygiene of all employees working for UTI Prevent  aspects which  are causing  an adverse  impact  on the surroundings  & environment

  • Comply with applicable legal requirements and with other requirements to which theUTI subscribes which relate to its environmental aspects and OH& S Hazards

  • Carry Risk Assessment & Aspect Impact Assessment associated with activities andidentify the weakness for any correctives measures if required

  • To ensure that product delivered to end user will be safe & pollution free

  • Generate  awareness  of  Quality,  Health,  Safety  &  Environment  by  training, communication, consultation and participation of all employees & interested parties

  • Ensure  policy  is  relevant  and  appropriate  to  objective  attained  &  reviewed periodically